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About Take A Hike Adventures

I have been assisting individuals, youth, seniors, and everyone in-between, improve there well-being for 40 years. I enjoy fitness and helping others to reach their fitness goals. You are never too young or too old or too out of shape or too fit to improve yourself.


I will work with you to accomplish your goals uniting the three basics of good fitness, “Body, Mind & Spirit,” using exercise to reach your ultimate goal. I help you set reasonable goals, dispel myths of exercise, and motivate you to reach your desired results.


The number one reason fitness programs fail the client is because they aren't followed. Why? The programs are poorly designed. I will design a program for you, not a one size fits all!


I also offer group sessions which will provide basic fitness needs. Group sessions offer social support as well as fitness.


If you have a specific goal, let's work together to create a program you are comfortable with to assist you in achieving that goal.

Contact: Jim Nelson  

Phone: 734-320-4795  call or text  Email:

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