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1. What if I want a shorter walk/hike? 

Let me know what distance you are interested in, or we can talk about what might  work best for you. There is no requirement.

2. I use a walker. Are there any hikes for me?

Yes. Many of the paths are paved.

3. Can any of the exercises programs be done in a chair?

Yes. I can put together an individual chair exercise program or there may be a group you     can join.

4. Can I push my child in a stroller?

Yes you can bring a child and stroller to an individual program. 

5. How often do I do this?

As many or few days as you would like. Two days a week is good to start, but once a week works if this fits better for you. When beginning a program, it helps to have someone you are accountable to. Once a fitness program is set up for you, you can do it at home in addition to meeting we me or the group. Hikes/walks can be done as often as you prefer.

6. Can I bring my dog?

It may be difficult to bring a dog to the fitness program, especially if it is held in a gym. Hikes/walks could accommodate a dog but be sure to bring the poo poo bags!

7. What do I need to bring with me on a walk/hike?

Comfortable shoes, water bottle, weather appropriate clothing. 

8. How much time does it take?

Fitness programs usually last 1 hour. Hikes/walks depend on the length of the hike/walk and your pace. Group hikes/walks may take a bit longer as we pace on the slowest paced member.

9. How much does this cost? 

Cost is dependent on what services you choose and whether you choose individual services or a package. They begin as low as $20. Contact me to discuss your individual needs.

10. Is there paperwork I need to complete?

Yes. Paperwork will be mailed or delivered to you. This includes a General Fitness Questionnaire and Risk Release Form. Doctor's approval will be needed if you have CVD, Diabetes, Hypertension or another medical condition that would warrant it.

Contact: Jim Nelson  

Phone: 734-320-4795  call or text  Email:

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