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Fitness Myths:
1. Strength training is only for the young:   To celebrate my anniversary of joining Medicare I performed a 1400 lb leg press.  Age is never the overall determining factor in
your fitness. 






2. Spot weight reduction: Sorry, everyone's body stores unburned fuel as fat. Sure, exercises will tighten underlying muscles and give the appearance of change in the focused area but no actual weight loss.  Exercise burns more fuel which reduces the amounts that is available to be stored but your body determines what storage areas it will tap for fuel.

3. I don't have time: Programs can be built to fit your life style. Fitting exercise into your schedule can be done.

​Take A Hike Adventures offers many fitness programs:
    1. Classes specializing in cardio fitness, balance, posture, and flexibility
        - Class is designed for all fitness levels
    2. Classes for core strength and cardio
        - Class is designed for individuals who are currently active
    3. Individualized programs specifically designed to meet your goals and any limitations 

        - Programs held in your home, gym or a local park

Contact: Jim Nelson  

Phone: 734-320-4795  call or text  Email:

Fitness Services
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