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My personal fitness journey began when I realized that I hadn't been following my own advice. I was 64, 284 lbs definitely out of shape. I set my goal of leg pressing 1000 lbs by my first day of Medicare and being presentable for my daughter's wedding in 14 months. Off to the gym I went. It was July and I had two months to meet my leg press goal (totally unrealistic goal I was told). I started the program I created for myself using the same principals I had used for others. Committed to my goals and with only 150 minutes a week of exercising. This was my program: walking the dog daily, leg machine at the gym twice a week, and at home none-resistance workouts. Wow! I missed my goal of a 1000 lbs lift by doing 1080 lbs instead!

Ten months later, with program adjustments to fit my progression toward my goals aided by a dietary log, I reach 196 lbs and was looking good in my Tux at my daughter's wedding!

I have maintained that weight ever since. My next challenge was topping my leg press weight for my 1 year anniversary of Medicare and topped out at 1400 lbs. It was then I decided to do more cardio fitness with a goal of placing in a 5k run. In my second race I placed. Running is a new phase for me just finished my third race in July 2019.


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